As a readily accessible product, our soup invites ease and convenience for your active, health conscious, yet comfort and security seeking life-style.  Stock up your freezer for satisfying, quick meals at home, entertaining adjuncts, and the wonderfully nurturing gift of food.

Our selection varies and flows with the seasons and local availability.  This is a collaborative initiative of what the farmers’ find abundant and at the peak of seasonal glory, and the chef’s creative inspiration.   Each week we make several varieties in small batches to maintain superior quality and cutting edge layered flavor.

We source only the finest ingredients, local and organic whenever possible.  Our meat and dairy are pasture raised with no antibiotics or hormones.  Each soup is nutrient dense with pure vegetables and legumes.

Be prepared to have all of your senses engaged, your heart warmed and your soul transformed.  This is magical brew.  Real food.  Made by hand in the Berkshires.

For an up to date menu of our expanded product line, please sign up for our weekly e-mail menu "Fresh This Week."  There you will find a listing of our ever-changing selection of soups, quiche, frittatas, salads, sides, entrées, condiments, rustic pies and other artisan baked goods.  Enjoy!  

"Each soup a gift, each soup a prayer."

~ Beloved Customer


APPLE BUTTERNUT SQUASH DAIRY  The grand belle of the golden soups. This soothing, ethereal bisque blends the best of local produce -- squash, carrots, apples and onions, fragrant with fresh sage and rosemary, mellowed with sweet cream and cider.  A land of milk and honey in a bowl.  Soup to come home to ourselves. 

CARAMELIZED ONION GORGONZOLA  DAIRY  In this exquisite soup, onions are caramelized with olive oil and butter into a rich onion jam.  Then simmered with fresh rosemary and thyme, chicken stock and roasted garlic, a touch of cream and the tantalizing flavor of the sweet, young Gorgonzola cheese. Love it with Roast Beef or a perfectly grilled Black Angus Steak.  Soup to abide in a place of love.

NEW POTATO LEEK AND ARUGULA  DAIRY   Here, brand new baby red thin-skinned potatoes combine with sautéed onions, leeks, and a generous handful of the sweet scented roasted garlic.  Simmered in rich chicken stock, then puréed with a last minute addition of arugula greens and a touch of sweet cream to soothe you.  Soup to keep us safe and sound. 

BACK BEAN AND CORN  VEGAN - GLUTEN FREE  A chunky harvest stew generously strewn with the last of summer's corn, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and sweet Spanish onion.  Spiked with salsa and fresh cilantro, this is a sure crowd pleaser.  Garnish with scallions and baked tortillas or cornbread just out of the oven.  For a meal in itself non-VEGANS add some cooked turkey if you like.  Soup to access wholeheartedness.  

FARMHOUSE LENTIL  VEGAN - GLUTEN FREE  My favorite lentil soup.  French lentils du puy simmered with onions, carrots, butternut squash, tomatoes and our golden vegetable stock.  Aromatic with bay and a touch of cumin and brightened with baby spinach.  Soup to keep the home fires burning. 

TUSCAN MINESTRONE  VEGAN - GLUTEN FREE  In this warming soup, fresh fennel bulb serves as a counterpoint to the classic mélange of white beans, carrots, haricot verts, cabbage, onions and tomato.  Aromatic with basil and bay.   Serve with ciabatta and shards of fresh Parmesan over pasta or creamy polenta.  Soup to manifest our dream.

TOMATO STILTON  DAIRY  A classic transformed into an unexpected treasure with the unequaled flavor of English blue Stilton cheese, fresh basil purée and the soothing touch of milk and cream.  Soup to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

POTATO CHEDDAR WITH BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER  DAIRY  This will give you that warm fuzzy feeling, though the chilly winds blow.  Wholesome with creamy colored cauliflower, potatoes and onions and brightened with broccoli, this has the toasty comfort of a stuffed baked potato enriched with milk and cream and the wisdom of aged cheddar. Soup for the discerning one seeking a comfort zone.

PARSNIP PEAR  Two great flavors - the nutty, sweet parsnip and the voluptuous red Anjou pear are sublime when paired up in this sassy soup of the season.  A bit of potato joins them together in harmony while notes of fresh ginger root and vanilla heighten their magic.  Perfect with a roast pork loin with prunes.  Bliss with an aged blue-veined cheese and a big red wine.  Soup to attract a match made in heaven.

CHICKEN VEGETABLE WITH RICE  The mother soup of them all, chicken soup wends its magical, restorative work in ways we know not why, coddling us into full health and wholeness.  It’s vital, curative essence containing all the primal knowing and soothing touch of Mother.  Breathe in the unmistakable sense of belonging as you allow this clear and rich broth dancing with root vegetables and rice, to nurture you and bring you joy.  Soup to heal thy self.

MUSHROOM BARLEY  VEGAN  Savor the deeply satisfying, toothsome quality of barley nestled in with carrots, celery, onion, and mushrooms and finished with parsley and dill.  Breathe in the powerful scent of the earth and know you are home.  Soup to nourish body, mind and spirit.

WHITE BEAN WITH BRAISED GREENS  VEGAN - GLUTEN FREE  And who doesn't love a hearty mix of robust greens, fresh from the field and braised with olive oil and garlic? Earthy, Swiss chard, kale and bok choy blend with the great northern white bean, sauteed onions and our golden vegetable stock. Simple. Healthy. Farm to table soup. Soup to live fully and deeply.

CURRIED BUTTERNUT SQUASH  VEGAN GLUTEN-FREE  We took 2 of our most beloved golden colored soups- Apple Butternut Squash and Senegalese Curried Carrot Apple -  and transformed them into a dream of a Vegan Gluten-free soup.  Butternut Squash, Carrots and Apples simmer with onions, celery and ginger.  Then pureed with mild curry spices and a touch of coconut milk.  Taste the harvest.  Soup to see the world fresh and new.

YELLOW SPLIT PEA  VEGAN - GLUTEN FREE  Take this hearty soup for lunch and it is sure to warm you through and through.  Carrots, sweet potato, parsnip and onions in a nourishing pool of yellow split peas.  For the carnivore among us add a bit of smoky ham. Soup to embrace the moment.