Within an eighteenth century barn is a warm kitchen chamber with hand hewn, sky-lit ceilings and walls made of red brick. 

Here fire, earth, air, and water unite with farm fresh, seasonal ingredients tended with gentle kindness and care. From this alchemy comes a truly wholesome food that is vital, tasty and splendidly convenient. 

We invite you to nurture yourself with these pure, soul-soothing infusions and know that you have come home. This is soup to keep us safe and sound.


Our Founder | Soup Maker | Alchemist

Dubbed the 'Soup Evangelist' by The New York Times, Jackie Bergman is in her element as Keeper of the Hearth in our micro soupery. Tending the sacred flame and surrendering self to the process, like the vegetables in her soup kettle, she gives up the gift for the good of the whole. "I love feeding people. Food is medicine. Food is love." She brings a life lived gently to her creations, with soulful musings inspired by her love of open land and place; Illumined by the sun, the moon and the stars.

"Only the pure in heart can make a good soup." 

~ Ludvig van Beethoven


AT THE NATION'S TABLE; Soup Evangelist Spreads the Word, and the Soup
The New York Times

''I DON'T think we eat enough soup here in the States,'' M. F. K. Fisher once lamented.

Jackie Bergman has gone to unusual lengths to take care of that problem. Her tiny takeout store, Farm Country Soup, sells more than 50 varieties of soup. But the shop, behind an 18th-century buggy whip factory here, is 15 minutes by car from the nearest sizable town, Great Barrington.

So every Friday, Ms. Bergman delivers soup to ''ports,'' the porches and garages of devoted customers who do not mind if other soup lovers roam their property.